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I was surfing the web yesterday, and I found out a big adsense ad saying: “Adsense ads sucks, ours don’t”
I was very very curious about it and then I asked myself, why not?!

This is a new advertising program, launched few days ago, anyway, they look good and they give a $25 bonus when u signup.

I made my account and did few tests, they have few issues with their MerchSense tool that was offering coffee machines on this blog, but anyway, worth trying, they “promise” better CPC values and they look cool.

Ahh, I almost forgot, if u sign up on widgetbucks, do it using my referral link above, they pay a 12month/10% in commissions.


  1. My dear friend Rodolfo, glad to see progress coming to your hands…..better would be money, wouldn´t it! hehehe

    As I mentioned before, “DinoClaudio” is back to the internet. When I left, frames, tables and java was “the things”! Now I am leaning CSS, PHP and dealing with Ajax programmers. But, the main reason for this comment is that I need help from you to use GoogleAdsense, or WidgetBucks. I will email you later about this.
    Best regards

    Claudio Santos

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