deep lyrics – in rainbows – radiohead

yeah, this one’s in english!

I was paying a lot of attention to in rainbows lyrics these days. One of the things that turned me an radiohead’s addicted is their damn good and deep/sad lyrics.

Creep – Pablo Honey
but I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell I’m doing here, I don’t belong here.

Fake Plastic Trees – The Bends
And if I could be who you wanted

Exit Music for a film – Ok Computer
You can laugh, a spineless laugh, we hope your rules and wisdon choke you… and now we are one in everlasting peace

How to disapear completely- Kid A
I’m not here, this is not happening

Pyramid Song – Amnesiac
I jumped in the river and what did I see?

There There – Hail to the thief
Just coz you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there, We are accidents waiting

Nude – In Rainbows
Just when you found it, It’s gone. Just when you feel it, You don’t. It’s gone forever

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