iJigg Banana Release!

I’m waiting the green light from Zaid to launch the new iJigg version aka Banana.

After merging the branch with our head I spend 2 hours resolving conflicts and testing the system after merge.

As we’re a very small-micro-tiny team we’re always adding new stuff to this release and this is what screwed our deadlines.

We know that there will be bugs to fix and other small stuff to do once we launch this version, but I think there’s no major bug on the system.

Well, I bet the next four days are going to be crazy even more if Veruska gives birth in the next days.

Wow, who said life is supposed to be easy! Challenges everywhere, that’s what keeps me motivated!

In few minutes: Welcome to iJigg Banana release and why not welcome to my daughter Beatriz too!

Btw, next releases I’ll tell Zaid to use band names as iJigg release name. Next version we’ll have iJigg Ayreon or maybe iJigg Radiohead.

I coded this release listening to these two bands and also listening to Dream Theater.

Okay, I’d like to thank subverison developers, without that it wouldn’t be possible to do anything.

And finally, if I had to trust on my ISP Baydenet, iJigg would never happen. So Baydenet, GFY! Thanks for the worst service ever.



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