Motivation behind iJigg.

This one must be in English because the world must know how happy I’m.

This post should be read listening to the following song:

This is a copyrighted song by Ayreon and the good news is that I got permission to post this on iJigg. So those who enjoy this song jigg it!

Basically I’m here to tell another story. That’s related to Ayreon as well.

Behind Ayreon we have Arjen Lucassen, that’s a fantastic musician not to say a complete musician. He plays all sorts of instruments, sings and is responsible for these amazing compositions. As you can see I’m a big Arjen fan!

How’s this related to iJigg?

iJigg is not only about having fun, we really want to bring something to the world that make people’s life better. iJigg is about making money too. We’re not willing to be millionaire, we’re willing to have money to realize dreams.

Okay, but where’s ayreon in??

Arjen, the guy behind ayreon, is a live proof that it’s possible to create something amazing if you have talent. I meet a guy back in the old good days (about 10yrs ago), his name is Alisio (long time I don’t talk with him by the way), and he’s one of these amazing artists. Like Arjen he plays many instruments, have a good voice and his compositions are amazing, but, as far as I know, music isn’t paying his bills, so he can’t practice his talent.

Okay, where iJigg and money come in?!

With money from iJigg I’d be glad to sponsor people like Alisio that surely would present us with good music.

That’s my motivation behind iJigg, give artists a chance. A chance to be heard by millions of people, a chance to be an artist.

Finally I’d like to thank Arjen and Yvette for letting me share his song.



Another guy trying to live in this crazy world.


  1. iJigg is a killer app. I’m pretty sure it makes this one particular bunch of geeks you and I know and love specially proud.

    Second day at April office and I bump into 3 guys in a row furiously browsing iJigg and sending songs links over MSN.

    Needless to say, I was paralyzed in awe. I resisted the urge of telling them the creator was my mate and all, quietly sat down and kept watching their happy, endless procrastination.

    Keep it real. Congratulations.

    PS: All-nighters FTW!

  2. Cara, estou sinceramente na torcida que o iJigg dê absurdamente certo para você e que você encha seus bolsos de grana para poder tocar os projetos que tens adiante! Também tenho milhares de projetos e como é difícil fazê-los andar sem grana, só com trabalho! Vou ficar de olho e, se precisar de algo em que eu possa realmente ajudar, dê um toque!

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