never is too late

here I’m complaining about the time again…

the true thing is that I’d wish I could stay at home the whole day playing with Bia and giving more attention to my wife. By the way tomorrow-today we’re celebrating 5 years of marriage.

I’ve no idea what to do yet.. tomorrow will be a complex day with many things to work out… well that the sun bring the new day and that it could be better than today.

that God looks for my father in law… he’s on a cruel life battle

well.. I’m sleepy and very tired… cya



Another guy trying to live in this crazy world.


  1. Deliver your heart to our Holy Father, and everything shall be fine.

    Do your work but do not forget what must be done at your home, with wife and child.

    I’m very happy for this 5 years of yours. You deserve a wonderful day, really special. Do what you have to do, with all your heart. You know your home, wife and child, you’ll know what to do.

    Love ya brow!

  2. Rodolfo

    Estou sempre tocendo por você e sua família!
    Primeiro Deus. depois você e depois sua família!
    Se sobrar tempo aí vem o restante….


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