A headbanger’s journey and Global Metal

Vou fazer uma versão deste post em português via gengibre.

Okie, this post should be in english to connect me to the outside world, most the metal tribe.

I just watched those 2 documentaries, they’re awesome. Not because I’m a metal fan since I was 12 (when I first listened to and just for all), but because it show many cultures and many metal fans around the globe.

The feeling u have when u watch it, except by the freaking northen black metal guys that scares the hell of a shit, is that we’re a big tribe, doesn’t matter where you are, we’re like a big brotherhood.

IMHO the peak of both docs were the twisted sisters crazy history, the glam metal scene (too much fun), the japanese scene (I’m proud of being Brazilian, since Sepultura is a Brazilian band of course) and the whole middle asia/china/india/indonesia scene.. dude that’s crazy, fantastic. Could only be achieved by metal bands and fans.

Wherever you are, if u wear a black t-shirt and keep you big hair (I don’t have it anymore), the metal community will welcome you.

Awesome, great documentary. Hail to the whole metal fans!

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  1. Indeed bro! Metal is union above all. It’s just a tiny spark that aproaches people as they know each other for so long. U can scream, talk, jump, headbangue, sing together as if you were surround by friends u’ve never seen. Glad you like it! I remember when I was hairly lol, people I’ve never seen usualy give me hi or from afar did the \,,/ like a “hey, brother, welcome”.

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