As they come

Estava eu fuçando em cds pré-históricos qdo achei uma composição de algo que deveria ter virado música… segue a viagem.

Se não me engano foi escrito em um canal de IRC.

As They Come – Rodolfo Sikora/ Pablo Castellar

Under the moon’s light I wait for the sparks
From the black sky I see their shapes
Finish with this charade
My time has come
I need to go

Under the killing Moon I wander
Staring at those black eyed freaks
Watching my fate sealed by a silver circle
Scared as my mind begins to fade

Send me back to the past
Pull the trigger or push the button
Change my boring life
Do Something

Tell me why did we lose
Why are we so abused
Why are we so retarded?
Are we held back in time, are we prisoners of Life
Is your knowledge the only one?

Set the end of this world
Guard these pieces, and don’t play again
Come and free our time
Show us the silver shrine
That holds the truth: that even the Messiah is one of you

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