Asterisk + Debian + Making .deb packages + mp3 volume

Well, this one must be in english cause a bunch of guys outta there are having the same damn issue. So here we go!

First: I love debian, debian based distros and I love to keep my debian happy with his FHS

Second: this is for those who uses the debian asterisk distribution

Lets download the format_mp3 source package:

cd /tmp
apt-get source asterisk-mp3

After this look for the format_mp3.c file, it should be inside something like this: /tmp/asterisk-addons-1.4.7/formats/

Look for and change the OUTSCALE parameter, I’m using 16834 right now.

Now the magic, go to the directory where u downloaded the source and type:

apt-get source -b asterisk-mp3

it’s gonna create the .deb for your packages then u can just dpk -i “package name” and be happy!