It’s hard to be me

Nope, it’s not related to Cindy Lauper lyrics.. it’s really about me. Some sort of outflow.

I’ve some type of self protection mechanism, a stupid one. Maybe everyone has it but the way I deal with it isn’t so healthy.

When I know something big is coming to my life, at the very first moment, I try to stay away from it, I just oversight it and I keep walking in my comfort line inside my comfort circle.

But for some reason, maybe due to the God’s will, even when I step aside, whatever it was coming, it changes to my path and then, something I wasn’t really worrying about, becomes some sort of obsession. Something that I must to experience, something that, once inside, I’ll take it to the edge doing my best, pushing my limits and most of the times being recognized for the good work.

Now all I can do it to deal with my inner expectations. Keeping the trust in myself and believing that things don’t happen by accident.